What Happened at the Carnival

Yep, another CaptainCanary fluff. I feel like that's the only thing I'm capable of writing.   "For this mission, we'll be correcting another time Aberration," Rip reported. "Mister Snart and Miss Lance will be in the field, and Mister Palmer and Mister Rory will be on communications. Gideon, please review the plan." "An advanced piece... Continue Reading →

Stuck With You (CaptainCanary #2)

This is the cheesiest thing I've ever written, and it's 183% fluff. I wan't planning for it to turn out like that. (Sorry!)   Sara takes a nap at a very inopportune moment.   The Legends team had just completed an exhausting mission. Their bones were aching. They were sweating, and kept pinching themselves to... Continue Reading →

CaptainCanary #1

I hope you guys like it!     "Leonard, we don't need five boxes of Popsicles," Sara sighed, putting them back. The two of them were in 2017, buying food for the crew of the Waverider. The food fabricator had been malfunctioning, and it was going to take some time for Rip and Jax to... Continue Reading →

Crappy thing

This is gonna be sucky so be prepared. So basically, Sara, Leonard, Barry, Kara, Cisco, and Lisa all live in a RV, and chaos is bound to happen. Chapter 1 "Leonard!" Kara yells. "Turn the AC off!" "Why should I?" He shoots back from the passenger's seat. "Len," His little sister exclaims as if she... Continue Reading →

GoldenVibe #1

This is my first time writing fanfic, so please tell me what you think!   Cisco Ramon was excited. Very excited, in fact.The eighth grade Student Government (Of which he was Activities Chairperson) had supported his idea for a movie marathon! By popular vote, Star Wars had been chosen, a personal favorite of his. Every... Continue Reading →

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