Okay, so I was at Seaworld last week for a vacation and this came to mind. "But Alex!" Kara Danvers pouts. "I want to go on Atlantis again!" Alex then turns to her little sister.                                        ... Continue Reading →



Attention Captain Canary shippers of the web, most of you already know this but, LENARD SNART IS BACK FOR THE ARROWVERSE CROSSOVER! THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!  

Can’t Live without You

"You could have been killed!" "Well what was I supposed to do, just stay behind?!?" "Yes! That's what I told you to do!" The Doctor and Rose were standing in a graffiti covered alley in present day London. The sound of cars passing at both ends resounded off the brick walls. "I'm fine, aren't I?... Continue Reading →

Sara’s Death- Part 2

2017. After making the jump, Rip personally went to inform Sara's family of the tragedy. Upon hearing the news, her mother's hands flew to her mouth and she began weeping as she stood in the doorway. Mr. Lance tried his best not to choke up, but failed. He held his wife tenderly, consoling her, but... Continue Reading →

Sara’s Death- Part 1

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. This is my first major character death story.   "NOOOOO!!!" Mick screamed. Damien Dahrk drove a knife through Sara Lance's heart. The two were giving their all in the fierce battle against the former League of Assassins member. He had had stayed behind to fight, while Snart took... Continue Reading →

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