Crappy thing

This is gonna be sucky so be prepared.

So basically, Sara, Leonard, Barry, Kara, Cisco, and Lisa all live in a RV, and chaos is bound to happen.

Chapter 1

“Leonard!” Kara yells. “Turn the AC off!”

“Why should I?” He shoots back from the passenger’s seat.

“Len,” His little sister exclaims as if she were demanding her phone from her parents. “It’s like twenty degrees in here!”

“C-captain Cold here doesn’t seem to mind it.” Cisco shivers in the wretched cold that is know as the AC.

“That’s it,” Sara yells, “I’m gonna kill him! Kara!” she snaps, her voice sharp and piercing as ever. “Hold my jacket!” she throws her white leather jacket to her friend as she walks over to the controls of the RV.

She’s just about to turn the AC, Leonard grabs her wrist. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” She stares, deeply into his blue eyes.

“Make me,” she twist her wrist up and snatches her hand back.

“Calm down!” Barry yells. “Stop fighting like five year olds, our I’ll pull over.”

“Barry!” Kara yells. “Stop light!” Barry slams the breaks as hard as he possibly can. Sara is flung to her right into Leonard’s lap.

“Oooooooooo,” the others in the back say as they giggle.

“Oh shut it!” Sara says as she gets up and walks to the back.

“Sara! Sara! Sara!” they all chant, except for Barry and Leonard.

“Why are they chanting?” Len asks Barry  as the RV starts moving again.

Barry doesn’t reply, he simply chats with the ones in the back.

Leonard, scratches his head, then looks down, the AC is turned up to 60 degrees.


Chapter 2

September 22


“Cisco!” Barry whisper shouts to his bunk mate. “Cisco wake up!”                                               Cisco opens his eyes just a bit,  the weary dead beat boy proceeds to looks around for his glasses. “Barry, do you have any idea what time it is?” he asks as his eyes adjust to the piercing light.

“It is, three o’five,” Barry looks down at his watch. “Don’t tell me you forgot what today is?”                                                                                                                                                                Cisco’s eyes are then wide opened, “Oh no,” he then hits his head on the top bunk and gets up, panicking as he rummages through the dresser.  “Lord no,” he turns to Barry. “Is she still asleep?”

Barry then nods as he points to the door separating two bedrooms.

‘Oh thank God,” he sighs. “Remember last year, Lisa almost killed me.” Cisco then finds an old shirt and a pair of jeans, then runs like a dog to the bathroom.

“No,” Barry says as he waits for Cisco. “Alex almost killed you, Lisa gave you a slap on the back,”

“Well good thing Alex isn’t here.” Cisco then walks out of the bathroom wearing a Darth Vader shirt that reads ‘Happy Birthday’.

“Okay the others are on the roof,” Barry says as the exit the bedroom. “I’ll go wake her up while you help the others.”

Cisco then exits outside and climbs the ladder to the roof of to RV. When he gets up, he sees Lisa, arms crossed, and she is not happy.

“You forgot didn’t you?”

“I-uh,” he starts to sweat.

“Just kiss already!” Sara groans as she sets up a table and chairs.

“NO!” they both yell.

“Kara,” Barry shakes her shoulder as she sleeps. “Kara wake up.”

“Five more minutes,” she groans as she puts her pillow over her face.


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