Sara’s Death- Part 2

2017. After making the jump, Rip personally went to inform Sara’s family of the tragedy. Upon hearing the news, her mother’s hands flew to her mouth and she began weeping as she stood in the doorway. Mr. Lance tried his best not to choke up, but failed. He held his wife tenderly, consoling her, but it seemed like he was the one who needed the most comfort. daddy’ sLittle Girl. Gone.

April 15. The day of the funeral. Rows of mourners, some clutching tissues and crying, others expressionless, having not fully accepted her passing, but all all were recalling memories of the recently departed Sara Lance.

Black and white lace hung from the ceiling. Fairy lights, softly glowing, adorned the funeral home walls. A soft silk cloth was laid over the casket, with feathers strung along the sides.

The Legends were in the front row with Sara’s parents, who were weeping bitterly. Laurel still hadn’t shown up, but she said she was coming “soon” over the phone with her father.

The first song played, slowly and mournfully. After a brief pause, the funeral director stood up. “And now, Laurel Lance will say a few words about her sister.”

Everyone sat in the pews and expectantly waited. And waited. And waited. She still hadn’t shown up. Murmurs run through the crowd.

“Late! Unbelievable!”

“Where is she?”

“…her own sister’s funeral at that…”

“What’s keeping her?”

Mrs. Lance whipped out her phone to try to reach her (now only) daughter, but it went directly to voicemail.

Those attending awkwardly sat in their seats, unsure what to do themselves. It would be disrespectful to leave, but at the same time someone needed to find Laurel.

After ten minutes of uncomfortable silence, Mr. Lance stood up and announced, “I’m going to try and locate my daughter.” He strode to the back of the room. His hand was barely on the knob when the door flew open to reveal a frazzled Laurel.

“Where the hell have you-” he began, but she blew past him without a glance before he could finish.

Running up to the casket, she threw it open.

What’s she doing?!?” Someone in the crowd cried.
“If you’ve been through a Lazarus Pit once, you can come back again!” She yelled, whirling around.

Snart jumped out of his seat and ran up to Laurel. “You mean you can bring her back?!?”

“Yes. There’s a certain word, and if it’s spoken in the presence of someone who has died and been resurrected, it can raise them again.”

“What are you waiting for?!?”

“It’s really not that easy! The phrase is somewhere in this book,” she answered, holding up the dusty tome she had been carrying.

“Somewhere? You mean you have to find it? That thing is six inches thick!”

“So it is, but I didn’t have time to look, and there’s not exactly a table of contents.”

“Well, let’s start paging through!” The thief opened to the first page and his mouth dropped open.

“Yeah, I probably should have mentioned the fact that I got this book from Nanda Parbat, and my Arabic is a little rusty.”

“I think I can help with that,” came a voice from the back of the room. No one had seen or heard Nyssa enter; they had been too fixed on Laurel’s sudden appearance.

Ras al Ghul’s daughter strode up to Laurel, who handed her the books.

After flipping through, she eventually found the correct page. She squinted and began to read.

(Okay, I don’t know any Arabic, so make up whatever word you want Nyssa to say)


Everyone was on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

Suddenly, Sara sat bolt upright in the velvet-lined casket, crying, “I love him!!!”

She blinked and looked around confusedly, her eyes eventually falling on Leonard.

“I love you too, Assassin,” he replied.

And he leaned down and kissed her in full view of everyone.

“Ohhh… now I get it,” Mick grunted.


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