Okay, so I was at Seaworld last week for a vacation and this came to mind.

“But Alex!” Kara Danvers pouts. “I want to go on Atlantis again!” Alex then turns to her little sister.                                                                “And I don’t!” Alex says sharply. “I’m already soaked head to toe in water and possibly spit.” Alex recalled a teenage boy with his friend, who sat in front of them spitting into the water.                                           “Come one!” Kara begs. “One more time!” 

“No!” Alex snaps. Then it comes to her. “If you can find someone, anyone your age, who will go on that ride with you, then yes, I’ll let you go, I’ll be at the drying station if you need me.” 

Kara then runs towards the ride, it shouldn’t be that hard to find another twelve year old that isn’t with anybody….who wants to go on the ride…. CRAP!

“Uh, hello.” Kara stops and turns around. See she’s a boy, with a messy brown hair and a red shirt with a pair of jeans. 

“Yes?” Kara ask him hoping this’ll be quick so Alex won’t notice if she goes by herself. 

“Will you by chance let me go on this ride with you? My dad won’t let me go if I don’t find somebody to go on with me.” 

Her prayes have been answered! Not only is this boy in the same predicament as her, but he is kinda cute.

“Sure!” She squeals. “Let’s go!” Kara then grabs his left wrist and drags him through the maze of metal bars and chains of the line. She then stops in them in the dark tunnel. The line stars there.

“What’s your name?” The boy pants as he rests his hands on his knees. “Geez your fast!” 

Kara laughs, funny and cute, KARA KNOCK IT OFF! “Kara Danvers.” She says.

“Barry Allen.” The boy says as he finished panting. “Why did you come here in such a hurry?”

“Well, I sort of have the problem as you, my sister is sick and tired of me dragging her onto these rides, so I had to find someone to come with me.”  Kara says fastly. 

“Yeah,” Barry smiles. “My sister and I just went on the SOS, and it looks like she just peed her pants.” Kara then relizes that the boy is dreached in water, he’s red shirt was probably bright before he went on the ride.

“Hey look!” She sees a couple of kids with their parents getting out of line, probably because the little boy was crying. “Lets go!” Kara and Barry run run up to the front of the line. “Do you want to sit inthe front row?” She asks him pointing at the two free spots. 

“YEAH!” As soon as the two gates open the two rush into their seats, Kara on the left and Barry on the right. 

“This is going to be fun!” A girl behind them squeals. 

“Geez Sara don’t be so loud!” A boy behind them groans as he sits beside the girl. 

“Shut it Snart!” She slaps his head. 

“Sara,” a brown haired girl in the back takes her hand and puts in on Sara’s shoulder. “Will you be my sister?” 

“Snart?” Barry turns around and sees the Smart kids, along with a blonde and a boy with shoulder length black hair sitting next to Lisa. “Cisco?” 

“Allen!” Leonard exclaims. “It’s wonderful to see you.” He sarcastically says to him. 

“Hey Barry!” Cisco says. “It’s good to see you.” 

“Who’s the girl?” Barry asks Lisa, as he’s pointing at Sara. 

“Her name is Sara,” Lisa starts. “She’s our neighbor, we had an extra pass so we gave it to her.” 

“And no here we are!” Sara fake smiles to Barry.

“So Barry,” Leonard smirks at the blonde siting next to Barry. “Who’s your girlfriend?”

“She’s, I mean we’re not, I just met her.” Barry stutters uncontrollably.

“My name’s Kara.” Kara then turns to the four people behind them. “So how long have you two been going out?” She asks Sara and Leonard. 

“We’re not dating!” They both fastly say to her.

The woman at the control panel then says her safety speech and press the button.

“We are going to die.” Cisco says to Lisa as they go up the tracks of metal. 

“Scaredy cat.” Lisa smiles at her friend to her left. 

“We’re going down now!” Kara yells loudly as they take the big plummet down the water filled slide. 

“FREEDOM!” They hear Sara yell throughout the drop.

They crash into the water, Barry and Kara have water all over them now since they chose to sit in the front. 

“Don’t you love the water,” Lisa flicks the water of her arms.

“DANTIE!” Cisco yells to his brother with the video camera. “GET ME OFF OF THIS THING!” 

His brother takes the camera down from his eyes and mouthed. “No,” 

“Come on Cisco,” Lisa nugged his shoulder with her elebow. “It’ll be fun!”

“I HATE YOU LISA!” Cisco exclaims as he still motions to his brother.

“So you ready for the dark and scary tunnel?” Kara says excitedly to Cisco.

“WHAT?!” He stammers. 

“This is amazing.” Sara chuckles to herself. 

In the end, Cisco peed himself. Lisa paid Dante ten bucks for a copy of that video, Sara attempted to get her attorney sister to get a restraining order for Leonard. And Kara and Barry became best friends for the rest of their life.

I know, it’s terrible. I apologize for making you sit through this.


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