Can’t Live without You

"You could have been killed!" "Well what was I supposed to do, just stay behind?!?" "Yes! That's what I told you to do!" The Doctor and Rose were standing in a graffiti covered alley in present day London. The sound of cars passing at both ends resounded off the brick walls. "I'm fine, aren't I?... Continue Reading →


What Happened at the Carnival

Yep, another CaptainCanary fluff. I feel like that's the only thing I'm capable of writing.   "For this mission, we'll be correcting another time Aberration," Rip reported. "Mister Snart and Miss Lance will be in the field, and Mister Palmer and Mister Rory will be on communications. Gideon, please review the plan." "An advanced piece... Continue Reading →

Stuck With You (CaptainCanary #2)

This is the cheesiest thing I've ever written, and it's 183% fluff. I wasn't t planning for it to turn out like that. (Sorry!)   Sara takes a nap at a very inopportune moment.   The Legends team had just completed an exhausting mission. Their bones were aching. They were sweating, and kept pinching themselves... Continue Reading →

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